Village Community Church
Welcome to

Village Community Church!


Join us for Worship! Sunday at 9:30am.

What We Believe

The Gospel is the center of who we are. God did not send his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross in order to love us. Love is what motivated Him to send his son Jesus to die in order to bring us back into the relationship originally created in the beginning (John 3:16).

Love is the motivation of God to administer the Gospel, therefore we are free to love those around us. In this we find our Identity as true children of God; members of the Christian family. We are brothers and sisters IN Christ.

We hope you would consider visiting Village Community Church to experience how God is moving mightily as we worship together, study the bible and grow together in community!

What to Expect

Everyone is welcome.

We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am for worship. Whether you want to dress up or come in jeans & T-shirt, everyone is welcome.

We start off our service with a time of praise & music lead by our worship team. We then break for about 5-10 minutes for fellowship & refreshments. Then we come back for a heartfelt, informative and educational message, followed by a time of communion. The communion table is open to anyone who has professed a faith in Jesus Christ. 

Gospel Centered

Every thing we do is based on the Gospel. We don’t do anything unless we are sure it is centered on the teachings of the Biblical Gospels.

Bible Teaching

Each Sunday, we have a message 100% based on the bible. We focus and deep dive into the Word each and every week.

Community Focused

As a congregation, we choose to be part of the community of Kimberly and surrounding areas. We will help where help is needed without a moments’ hesitation.

Imperfect People

We are humans. As such, we are we are sinners and fall short. Everyone is welcome and loved at Village Community Church, and we would love to see you. Join us this Sunday at 9:30am.